Reader Letter – January 2013 update

Reader Letter - January 2013 update

Dear Reader,

I’m doing the Happy Dance! My editor called this week with the awesome news that WYOMING BRIDE is #13 on the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller list! And #47 on the USA Today Top 50 list. Random House, my wonderful publisher, sent flowers to celebrate this news. I have you to thank for making this happen. I so appreciate your support and interest in the books I write!

Moving back to Colorado and struggling with unpacking for the past several weeks has been a little less stressful due to your many lovely emails and Facebook comments welcoming me to the state of Colorado or missing me in Florida. I must admit that after a few days of very cold weather, I thought about the warm, sunny days I left behind in Florida. The photo at the top of this letter was taken in the kitchen of my new home with a transplanted Florida barracuda!

Answers to your Questions

My desk is finally set up and I’m finishing MONTANA BRIDE. So many of you have written asking when you can read it. At this time, I don’t know the publication date, but it will be sometime later this year. As soon as I know, I’ll post that information, so be sure and sign up for my e-newsletter and continue to visit my website or Facebook Fan Page for the latest news.

Between this move, a writing deadline, and the myriad of tasks associated with a move, I’m behind in answering my reader mail. So I’d like to answer a few of the questions you most frequently ask in this letter.

Answer: At this moment in time, I plan to write Josie’s story, BLACKTHORNE’S BRIDE, after I finish MONTANA BRIDE.

Answer: Sam’s story (King’s brat) is certainly a possibility, but not a book yet on my schedule.

Answer: Lydia’s story: I’d like to write it soon but I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s always on my mind but I can’t honestly tell you when it will get written. Please be patient and I’ll keep you informed…as soon as I know!

Answer: I haven’t forgotten about the Benedicts, including Nash! I continue to examine my writing schedule to see where I can make time to write the next book in this series, which you all love so much. Again, your emails asking about all your favorite Benedicts and when you can read more reminds me that I need to get them written!

I’ll be heading back to Florida in March for the Sony Open (tennis matches) in Key Biscayne, Florida, and hope to make it to Wimbledon in London again this year. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to play some social tennis over the winter here in Colorado–indoors, of course! All in an effort to balance work with play. Hope you’re doing the same!

3 Comments to Reader Letter – January 2013 update

  1. I read “Texas Bride” first and am now reading “Wyoming Bride”. I like “Texas Bride” but was so upset about Cricket Stewart Creed being married/not married to Alexander Blackthorne because Jarrett Creed was killed/not killed that I could barely read the book. When did this happen? Why? I so loved “Frontier Woman” and the relationship Cricket and Jarrett had. Did I miss a book somewhere that tells about this tragedy and Cricket meeting and marrying/not marrying Blackthorne? Love your writing even though I was very upset with you when reading “Texas Bride”. (Ask my husband. He just laughed)

  2. Jill

    Please write a sequel to invincible. I have read and re-read it so many times my copy looks horrid.

  3. Linda Hatchel

    Dear Joan I have read all of your books that I can find to buy, I just finished Wyoming Bride, I read the Mail Order Texas Bride, You are by far my favorite Author, I loan my books to friends to read, but I tell them that I want your books back, I let them keep the other books that I loan them to read. You are my favorite author, I have most of your books about the Creeds, Blackthorne, and the rest. Please keep me updated as to when your next book comes out for us to buy, I will rush right out to my favorite bookstore and buy it. Thanks for being a great writer.

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