New York Times’ Bestselling Author

Media Reviews

“Joan Johnston does short contemporary Westerns to perfection.”
– Publishers Weekly

“Like LaVyrle Spencer, Ms. Johnston writes of intense emotions and
tender passions that seem so real that the readers will feel each one of them.”

– Rave Reviews

“Johnston warms your heart and tickles your fancy.”
– New York Daily News

“Joan Johnston continually gives us everything we want…fabulous details
and atmosphere, memorable characters, a story that you wish would
never end, and lots of tension and sensuality.”

– Romantic Times

“Joan Johnston [creates] unforgettable subplots and characters who
make every fine thread weave into a touching tapestry.”

– Affaire de Coeur

The Price

“Readers will find themselves turning the pages, if only for more glimpses of a modern cowboy as captivating in the courtroom as he is on his hog.”
– Publishers Weekly, March 2003

Comanche Woman

“A brisk romance chock full of compelling conflicts and strong local color.”
– Publishers Weekly

The Loner

“Johnston employs more plot twists than a soap opera, but she carefully controls each entanglement to craft a warm and charming homespun tale.”
– Publishers Weekly

“Skillful storyteller Johnston makes what in lesser hands would
be melodrama compellingly realistic in this page-turner.”

– Booklist

The Texan

“This sprawling, sensuous romance will keep readers avidly reading as
Johnston’s characters struggle against seriously deranged foes
and face seemingly insurmountable obstacles to true love.”

– Booklist

“A riveting blend of adventure, intrigue and romance.”
– Romance Reviews Today

“Awesome romance and mystery with a touch of thriller thrown in.
Lots of twists and turns that will keep the reader hooked to the very end.”

– Huntress Book Reviews

The Cowboy

“Johnston has concocted a compelling story of jealousy and greed, passion and hate, combined it with an intriguing look at the world of cutting horse
competition, and set the tale against the backdrop of working Texas ranches.”



– Atlantic Journal-Constitution

“Lively and well-written….perfectly enchanting.”
– Publishers Weekly

“Captive is guaranteed to hold you in its thrall…a lovely reminder of what
romance is all about. The author’s talent brings everything to vivid life.”

– The Romance Reader

Outlaw’s Bride

“A very amusing and imaginative romp that has the Joan Johnston
stamp of excellence all over it!”

– Affaire de Coeur

The Bodyguard

“Now this is a ‘Bodyguard’! Kevin Costner, eat your heart out!”
– Atlanta Constitution

After The Kiss

“A mesmerizing, moving and powerfully emotional love story.”
– Author Mary Balogh

“A strong and powerful tale….Would recommend this to
everyone without a doubt.”

– Romance Reviews

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